Friday, January 11, 2008

Still Fighting

This week's The Virginian Leader (local paper serving Giles County in Virginia and Mercer County in West Virginia) published an ad paid for by the Concerned Citizens of Giles County. The ad highlights some of the major issues regarding the Cumberland Park Project focusing on the lack of public input and questionable legal activities of the Giles County Partnership for Excellence which owns the project.

Also in the paper were two letters to the editor by Judy Brown and me. My letter focused on similar projects which have failed and have spawned lawsuits. In the "Learn More" section on this blog, there are several news articles on these lawsuits. I also addressed some longterm issues for the project which the Partnership has not addressed.

Judy's letter talked about the environmental impact of the heavy metals in the fly ash. These metals will eventually leach into the groundwater. Her letter also invited anyone concerned about the project to visit the Concerned Citizens of Giles County website (link under "Learn More").

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