Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Work Goes On...

Below is a photo of the Cumberland Park Project site I took Friday afternoon, November 30.

They are working on the earthern berm which must be constructed before coal fly ash can be dumped---about 254,000 cubic yards over 3 years. I had a hard time visualizing how much that was so I did some quick calculations. An average-sized bedroom is 12 feet by 12 feet by 8 feet high. That room has a volume of 42.66 cubic yards. So, if you divide 254,000 cubic yards by 42.66, you get 5,594 bedrooms full of fly ash! Compaction will take some of that volume away but still, that's a huge amount to be deposited along the flood plain of the New River.

The photo below shows the road that has been built for the trucks to haul in the ashes.

Let's hope it's not used to dump ashes anytime soon!

Is anybody reading this?