Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coal Ash Dump in Narrows, Virginia

With my first post, I wanted to show you the present AEP (American Electric Power) coal fly ash dump site along New River and then show photos of the new site.

All photos in this posting were taken October 20, 2007.

Glen Lyn site--the mound of ash is almost as tall as surrounding mountains. This site is closed so AEP is hauling ash to West Virginia. The Narrows site below will allow AEP to dump ashes along the New River for 3 years before the site is to be sealed with 24" of soil and seeded.

This view of the Cumberland Park site is looking east toward Peters Mountain and Highway 460. The large culverts are to drain water away from the site. I worry about culverts failing and excess water turning the coal ash into a coal slurry which then could make the whole site unstable for building or worse-- drain into the New River. Scientific studies have shown that CCB or coal fly ash seriously deforms or kills aquatic life.

The view of the site along the New River. An earthen dam will be constructed to help protect the CCB fill material from washing into the river. However, the site is on the 100-year flood plain and the ashes will be above the earthen dam. There is also no liner required for the CCB site as would be if the ashes were deposited in a landfill.

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